Boris’s TfL goes all loopy for Westfield over tram extension

Inside Croydon

Another day, another public “consultation”, this time brought to us by Transport for London, and about the Croydon trams.

Trams 2No, don’t get too excited: Boris hasn’t suddenly found a few mill down the side of his sofa to pay for the extension to Crystal Palace that he has promised to do three times (and three times broken that promise). This is about a loop that goes no where very far, but just lays tram tracks down Dingwall Road from George Street and East Croydon Station.

It represents the first significant addition to the Tramlink network, though, since it opened in 2000.

Inside Croydon asked TfL about this Dingwall Road loop in February. They never replied.

Developers Stanhope, who are building on the Ruskin Square site next to the proposed tram loop and who own buildings on the other side of Dingwall Road which will be affected by the development and…

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It has come to my attention, that we have too much stuff in our homes, so i make sure i declutter at least once a month, taking all items i no longer need to my local charity shop, my husband was a collector and i used to be a horder but not any more, even my kids are onboard with decluttering getting rid of clothes they no longer need, books no longer being read ect.., its great to live in uncluttered home, i still have a little way to go before i can say we are clutter free but we are getting there.


Harris academy gets 0/10 for staff’s spelling and grammar

Inside Croydon

Roke bannerIt seems that some of the staff at a newly academised primary in the south of Croydon which is now being run by the Harris Federation need to go back to school, after a document outlining the strict new uniform regime was sent out with spelling and English grammar mistakes, including the dreaded grocer’s apostrophe.

The story from the first week of term about Harris Primary Academy Kenley –not to be confused with the existing, local authority-run Kenley Primary – has managed to make it into the national press, with The Guardian covering the latest row between Harris and the parents at what was until July known as Roke Primary.

Parents last week received a uniform list which included reference to “mohican’s” (used as a plural) and with “pinafore” spelt “pinnafore”.

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Homemade Kids…

looks amazing

My Make Do and Mend Year

I posted recently a Summer Reading List, of books about all things sustainable, and was contacted by a wonderful lady called Nicola Baird (who I met at the Ecover Message in our Bottle launch) about one of the books that she has written called Homemade Kids.

homemade kids
And she very kindly sent me a copy!

It really is great, and I wish someone had given me a copy when we were expecting BigSmall.
It would have opened my eyes to more sustainable ways of parenting, beyond simply using re-usable nappies.

The book covers many areas that new parents might welcome some guidance on:

  • Giving your home a green makeover
  • Shopping
  • Gifts and celebrations
  • Food
  • Nappies
  • Time with your baby
  • Sleeping, baths and no-fee babysitting
  • Getting around
  • Local life

and even discusses how to deal with that very difficult one of how to approach the subject of buying less, or…

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