Homemade Kids…

looks amazing

My Make Do and Mend Year

I posted recently a Summer Reading List, of books about all things sustainable, and was contacted by a wonderful lady called Nicola Baird (who I met at the Ecover Message in our Bottle launch) about one of the books that she has written called Homemade Kids.

homemade kids
And she very kindly sent me a copy!

It really is great, and I wish someone had given me a copy when we were expecting BigSmall.
It would have opened my eyes to more sustainable ways of parenting, beyond simply using re-usable nappies.

The book covers many areas that new parents might welcome some guidance on:

  • Giving your home a green makeover
  • Shopping
  • Gifts and celebrations
  • Food
  • Nappies
  • Time with your baby
  • Sleeping, baths and no-fee babysitting
  • Getting around
  • Local life

and even discusses how to deal with that very difficult one of how to approach the subject of buying less, or…

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