Boris’s TfL goes all loopy for Westfield over tram extension

Inside Croydon

Another day, another public “consultation”, this time brought to us by Transport for London, and about the Croydon trams.

Trams 2No, don’t get too excited: Boris hasn’t suddenly found a few mill down the side of his sofa to pay for the extension to Crystal Palace that he has promised to do three times (and three times broken that promise). This is about a loop that goes no where very far, but just lays tram tracks down Dingwall Road from George Street and East Croydon Station.

It represents the first significant addition to the Tramlink network, though, since it opened in 2000.

Inside Croydon asked TfL about this Dingwall Road loop in February. They never replied.

Developers Stanhope, who are building on the Ruskin Square site next to the proposed tram loop and who own buildings on the other side of Dingwall Road which will be affected by the development and…

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